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cashflow quadrant robert kiyosakiThere are four ways to earn an income as shown in the adjacent image –

  • You can do a job and be an employee
  • You can be self employed like a doctor or a CA or a small business owner, like having a grocery shop
  • You can be a Business Owner with over 100 employees, like having a factory
  • You can be an Investor. Being an Investor is not investing in mutual funds or having a bank fixed deposit, it is about big investments, like investing in big projects.

As an employee, in a job you sell your time or the skills you have for money. You get paid only till the time you work actively to earn money. The moment you stop working, you stop earning.

In self employment also, you earn an income only till the time you are on the job. As a doctor if you do not open your clinic, you stop earning. If you have a shop and do not open it regularly, your chances of earning are poor.

As an employee and self employed, you trade time for money. There is a limitation to trade time for money. In 24 hours how many hours can you work and for how long? That is why there is a limitation to your earnings. You can have a good life as an employee or self employed, but you can never be financially free.

95% of the population in the world is either employee or self employed and they compete with each other for 5% of the total worlds wealth. The competition here is real tough. You always have to work for money.

As a Business Owner, where you have at least 100 or more employees, you have a system and people working for you. You now understand how to leverage time to earn more in the same 24 hours. You keep earning even while you are not involved actively in the money making process.

Similarly as an Investor, your money works for you even while you are not working for money. You leverage time and money to earn more.

Business Owner and Investor are financially free. They no longer have to work for money, money works for them. They are always at the top of the financial system. 5% of the population enjoys 95% of the wealth of the world. The space is not crowded here.

Do you have the kind of money required to be a business owner or investor?

Do you want to reach the top of the financial system, be with the 5% people enjoying 95% of the wealth?

There is a way, a simple step by step system, to reach the top. I am on my way to be financially free, and I can show you the way.

It is not possible to explain here everything. Just pick up your phone, fix an appointment and meet me for all the information –

Ashish Verma


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