How To Lose Weight Fast

Diet and exercise to lose weightThere are many ways to lose weight fast. Most of the plans to lose weight generally make you hungry and unsatisfied. If your willpower is not strong enough, you will give up on most of the plans, and come to an end of the road. The weight loss plan outlined here will help you

  • Take control of your hunger
  • Help you lose weight, and
  • Improve your metabolic health

Here is a simple 3 step plan to lose weight and live healthy –

  1. Reduce the intake of Sugars and Starches. When you reduce the intake of sugars and starches (cards), your body secretes less insulin and you tend to burn more of fat for energy.
  2. Eat more Protein, Vegetables and Fat. Eating more of protein and vegetables will help you feel full and feel less hungry. Protein will help you to add to your lean muscle mass while you lose weight and also help in maintaining your metabolism. Vegetables will provide you the much needed fiber and also healthy carbs and a lot of other nutrients. Also include healthy fats in your diet. Natural fats from olive oil, coconut oil or mustard oil is considered better choice. Refined oil are not a good choice. Try and eat natural whole foods rather than refined foods like refined flour or ‘maida’. You can eat a lot of vegetables and salad as they contain less calories per bite. Try to eat at least three meals, and if you feel hungry you may add a fourth meal.
  3. Lift Weights Three Times Per Week. Lifting weights or doing resistance training will help you to build muscles and boost your metabolism. If you do not like the idea of lifting weights, you may engage in any other physical activity that your body feels more comfortable with.


Always remember no pain, no gain. Take control of your diet. Do regular exercise. Lose weight. Look good. Feel good and stay Healthy!

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