Choose Your Ideal Diet

Diet and exercise to lose weightChoose Your Ideal diet

People always ask me this one question – “what is the best diet to lose weight or may be gain weight?” And this is an interesting question. My answer always is – There is no one diet that is suitable to one and all, the best diet for you is that suits your preferences, likes and dislikes and is within your budget. It also depends on the kind of efforts you are willing to put in to reach your goals.

I always start my job with a new weight loss client by asking them certain questions about their diet and lifestyle. It is always good to know their history. What foods do they like to eat. How often do they exercise. A little about the physical activity in their life. What motivates them to eat and do exercise. This gives me a fair idea about the client and how much he or she is willing to put in to reach their goals.

One size does not fit all

As with the clothes, no one diet fits or suits everyone. Before I can give some meaningful advice I need to know a lot about their likes and dislikes. Whether or not they like to cook at home. Their food choices. How often they eat out and whether or not they do some exercise. The cost is also important. Because it is going to take time to lose or gain weight and achieve ideal weight, the budget is important. It is no point following a diet plan that does not fit in your budget.

Plan carefully

It is important to analyze your goals. Some of my clients are willing to take on a very strict diet and also start exercising simultaneously. It works for a few, but most of the times, too much becomes overwhelming and the client cannot follow through and tends to give up. A better approach is to make changes to your diet and lifestyle slowly and gradually. This way you can achieve a lot. Initially, may be your progress is slow, but it keeps accelerating.

The idea is to make certain changes in your lifestyle and diet, so that you live healthy, not just lose some weight and after some time, gain it back again.

Figure out what works for you

Listen to your body. Every time you eat something, your body responds. Sometimes it feels light and energetic and at other times it feels lazy and not good. Make a note of how your body feel after eating, try to remember and over a period of time, choose foods and quantity that suits your body, makes it happy, light and energetic.

Similarly find out what kind of workout suits your body and lifestyle. The idea is to live a healthier life, not just lose or gain some pounds. If you like walking, walk. If you like running, run. If you like training with weights, go to a gym.

Work hard to expect some results.