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Is Herbalife Good For Your Health?

A few days back I received a call from a prospective client, a lady, for herbalife products. She was interested to lose weight. She came to know about herbalife from a friend of hers who had actually lost weight on herbalife products. But before getting on the products she wanted to be sure that the […]

Herbalife Shake To Lose Weight

Losing weight is important for a healthy life. If you are overweight, you get many lifestyle disorders as a bonus like high blood pressure, diabetes and many more. Being overweight is like loading your car like a truck. How long will the engine of the car perform well? Eventually it will breakdown. When it comes […]

10 Weight Loss Tips

Follow these simple tips to lose weight faster – Eat balanced breakfast with lots of protein. Protein will help you feel full and help curb your cravings during the day. I recommend having Herbalife Formula 1 shake 3 scoops, Herbalife Personalized Protein 1 scoop in a glass (250 ml) of cold milk for breakfast. Herbalife […]

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