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Why Liver is an Essential Organ: Part 2

In part 1 we talked about how our liver is responsible for various functions and how it can be ruined due to unhealthy habits. Talking from Ayurvedic perspective, liver is associated with Pitta Dosha (Pitta governs all heat and metabolism in our mind and body. Pitta governs the important digestive “agnis” or fires of the body) which means […]

Osteoarthritis – An Ayurvedic Approach

OA is the short form of Osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is a chronic condition involving joints where the cartilage cushioning at the end of the joints loses its elasticity and wears away. Because of the cartilage loss, the bones rub against each other which causes stiffness, inflammation and pain and also loss of movement. The current medical […]


Gymnema Sylvestre, a bitter tasting shrub with it’s cooling effect and dry and light quality is famous for its remarkable blood sugar controlling capacity in diabetes. It’s a wood climbing shrub found in India and Africa. It’s been used as a medicine in Ayurveda (Ancient Indian practice of medicine) for over 2000 years. It has […]

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