All About Bodybuilding Supplements


If you watch videos of numerous bodybuilders everyday for inspiration, if you worship Arnold Schwarzenegger, go to gym everyday and work hard every time then you are a true fitness freak or gym freak as nowadays called. This article is dedicated to your kind of people and it will only fuel your freakishness even more. The trend of gym supplements started because after an intense workout, our body looses too much energy which leaves us with fatigue, cramps and tiredness. Our cells need repairing and sometimes it is not possible that we get each and every essential nutrient from our food, that is why today all the gym goers, athletes or any person who is maintaining their body takes supplement to fulfill their body need. Of course there is a limit when it comes to the consumption part, one should not totally depend on the supplements or take them in large quantity as everything has side effects if used in excess. When you go to a store, you can find endless supplements promising the same thing. It is very important to know your body requirements and what is really necessary, so that you can take a rational decision while buying any supplement. So here are some most essential nutrients which you should consider as your pre-workout or post-workout aid:


Carbohydrates are very important for your body as after a workout, your energy levels are at most depleted. Our body uses carbohydrates for energy and if there is not enough quantity then your body may break down your muscles to use proteins for energy, in short the body will feed on your muscles which is definitely not a pretty thing to experience. So using a carbohydrate supplement after a workout will replenish your depleted energy stores and will not promote fat gain.

Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs)

Leucine, isoleucine and valine- three of the essential amino acids that make up the skeletal muscle in our body. Our body cannot produce these on it’s own and that is why we are highly dependent on our diet. BCAAs supplements provide the right amount of it which helps in recovery, preventing muscle wastage and promoting protein synthesis. They can also help in improving endurance by keeping muscles fueled in case of those sports or activities of prolonged workout or energy usage.


Creatine is naturally found in our bodies. It has been reproduced as creatine monohydrate for dietary supplement purposes. Its used for cellular energy production and modulation. It is beneficial for those who are into highly intense workouts. Creatine should be taken under the right condition then it really does have a good effect on your body. It promotes lean body mass, increases muscle cell volume, increases glycogen storage, helps in achieving high intensity muscle performance and it also recovers your body very fast after a workout.

Beta Alanine 

This non- essential nutrient has the ability to increase the intra-muscular levels of carnosine. BA is a naturally occurring amino acid which we get form foods rich in protein. Increased levels of carnosine through BA helps in delaying the accumulation of hydration and the resulting acidity which can subsequently delay muscle fatigue and failure. It improves force output, repeated sprint ability and elevates the endurance.

Protein Powder

As you all know that protein contains amino acids which are the building blocks used for muscle growth. It plays a major role in our muscles, brain, nerves, hair, skin and nails. It helps in fighting infection and it provides our body energy. Protein powder or shakes should always be mixed with water, not in milk so that additional sugar could be avoided.

We offers supplements which helps in developing your overall muscle tissue health and keeps you fit and the supplements are-

Prolio BCAA  proleo bcaa pro

  • Triggers L-glutamine to support accelerated cellular recovery after workout.
  • Synthesizes muscle protein.
  • Enhances endurance.

Prolio CREA Pro proleo crea pro

  • Helps in sustaining the stamina to achieve champion performance.
  • Synthesizes muscle protein.
  • Enhances endurance.
  • Plays a major role in cell volumizing.

Prolio Gain Pro 

  • Helps gain quality muscle mass.
  • Enriched with 25 vital vitamins and essential minerals.
  • Assist you to develop a muscular body effectively.

Prolio Gluta Pro                               proleo gluta pro                                                                Enhanced recovery formula which supports cognitive function.

  • Reduces recovery time by quickly repairing the muscle fibers.
  • Activates more cells so that more amino acids can do the repairing fast.

Proleo Performproleo perform

  • Helps in maintaining proper hydration as it contains electrolytes
  • Reduces muscle and brain fatique
  • Increases athletic performance

Proleo Whey Proproleo whey pro 2 kg

  • A powerful blend pure protein which helps in building the muscles.
  • Contains digestive enzyme blend, creatine, vital vitamins and indispensable minerals.
  • Helps in quick recovery while training.

Why Pre-workout Supplements are important?

As post- workout supplements helps in over coming the after effects, pre-workout supplements make sure that the impact of extreme training session is lightly felt. It enables our body to perform effectively and more efficiently. Fatigue, cramps and extreme tiredness may result if we don’t supplement body with pre-workout supplements. They maintains our muscle tissue health, accelerates the recovery process and also maximizes our anabolism activity.

You cannot expect these supplements to have the exact same effect on you as it does on any other person in the exact same manner. Each person’s body develops differently even if the circumstances are similar. If your diet is healthy and you workout daily then these supplements can defiantly be a great source of nutrition but you can only achieve perfection when you have enough dedication and enough passion. So keep on going as the road to fitness is not easy but the right one.

*Note: The information in this article is intended for your educational use only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition and before undertaking any diet, fitness, or other health program.