10 Ways To Lose Weight

  1. Acurabliss Lean ShakeChange your lifestyle a bit – Generally when it comes to losing weight we go in for a change all or nothing approach. In the long run it does not work well. Instead try making small changes on a daily basis. For example, start your day by replacing your regular breakfast with Herbalife Formula 1 Shake. It is a balanced nutrition with low calories and low fat. During the day you can have your normal food, simply avoid overeating.
  2. Make healthier choices – I used to eat out regularly, almost 7 days a week. I have now reduced it to almost once or twice a week and I have started making healthier choices of food, like rather than ordering a large bowl of pasta, I now order a grilled chicken salad.
  3. Say goodbye to the salty aisle – Do not buy snacks from the grocery store on a routine. Now if I crave for potato chips, I have to walk to the nearby store to buy it. This has curbed my habit of snacking frequently. I keep vegetables and fruits handy for a snack now. Snacking is not bad, simply make a healthier food choices.
  4. Never skip your breakfast – When you skip your breakfast, you tend to eat more at your next meal and also you tend to snack more during the day. Get good nutrition for your breakfast. This will help you control your cravings during the day. I generally have Lean shake for breakfast.
  5. Keep moving during the day – Don’t sit at a stretch for longer duration,  get up once in a while and stretch yourself. Take a short walk after your lunch in the office. Walk a little more to and from your office. Making small changes will take you a long way!
  6. Make way for a healthier lifestyle – Quit smoking or reduce your intake of alcohol. Join a gym instead. Always remember – Health First. If you lose health, you cannot enjoy life.
  7. Clean up your pantry – Replace all the unhealthy foods with healthier ones. Keep more of fresh vegetables, fruits, whole foods instead of refined foods. You generally reach out for what is readily available.
  8. Make good use of the happy hour –  After the office, have a light diner. Go for a walk, rather than having a huge dinner and retiring in the bed immediately after and watching TV.
  9. Motivate yourself – Reward yourself for the small progresses you make. Reward yourself with going out to a new place rather than eating out. It is always about making the right choice.
  10. Do regular exercise – Exercise at least 3-4 days a week. Life is 80% Nutrition and 20% Exercise, and both Nutrition and Exercise is important to lose weight and stay in shape for long.

These are just some of the good ideas to living a healthy life. Find out more about the changes you can make in your eating habits and lifestyle.

Listen to your body!