10 Tips To Stay Healthy This Year

acurabliss hi proteinIf you are really serious about losing weight and getting back in shape, the following tips will definitely help you out. Losing weight or gaining weight and living a healthy life is not a quick fix, and there is no happy ever after situation. Managing your weight is about your daily subconscious habits. If you do not take care of your daily habits, you are likely to gain back the weight that you lose. Lose weight and than work to maintain the weight.

  1. Never Skip Your Breakfast. This is one good habit that will help you to stay healthy and lose weight. After overnight fasting, the body needs fuel for energy and good nutrition for carrying out our daily activities with loads of energy. I always start my day with Lean Shake and Hi Protein.
  2. Live Active, Move More. Make your lifestyle more active. Living active life not only means  doing exercise regularly, but it also means moving a lot during the day. For example, instead of asking for water, go and get it for yourself.
  3. Do Not Eat In Front Of a TV. Focus on the food you eat. Eat slowly. This way you will not eat more. We tend to overeat when we eat in front of a screen.
  4. Stop Eating On The Run. Take time out to sit and eat a proper meal rather than eating on the run. Enjoy your food, be conscious of what you are eating.
  5. Watch The Calories You Get From Liquids. The calories you get from the sweetened beverages get absorbed very quickly without much nutrition and it amounts to gaining weight.
  6. Hydration Is Important. Drink enough water. Our body is almost 60-70 percent water and many of the processes going on in the body depend on adequate supply of water.
  7. Eat Sufficient Protein. Protein helps to satisfy hunger better than fats or carbs. Besides helping in controlling hunger, it helps to build muscles and stay lean.
  8. Skipping Meals is A Bad Idea. When you skip meals, you tend to overeat the next time you sit down to eat. Having small meals at regular intervals, and having healthy snacks in between is a better way to lose weight and stay healthy.
  9. Have Vegetables and Fruits. Try including vegetables and fruits at every meal. You get fewest calories and healthy fiber and water to help you feel full. Besides you also get healthy nutrition.
  10. Pump Iron. Doing exercise with weights helps you build muscles, lose weight faster and stay lean.

My wish for you – Stay fit and healthy!