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Why Liver is an Essential Organ: Part 2

In part 1 we talked about how our liver is responsible for various functions and how it can be ruined due to unhealthy habits. Talking from Ayurvedic perspective, liver is associated with Pitta Dosha (Pitta governs all heat and metabolism in our mind and body. Pitta governs the important digestive “agnis” or fires of the body) which means […]

Why Liver is an Essential Organ: Part 1

Liver, an organ which is responsible for hundreds of chemical actions essential for our body and it is also a gland because it secretes chemicals that are used by other parts of the body. Liver is  a dark reddish-brown organ located in the upper right-hand side of the abdominal cavity, on top of the stomach, […]

All About Bodybuilding Supplements

  If you watch videos of numerous bodybuilders everyday for inspiration, if you worship Arnold Schwarzenegger, go to gym everyday and work hard every time then you are a true fitness freak or gym freak as nowadays called. This article is dedicated to your kind of people and it will only fuel your freakishness even […]

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